Meru National Park

Meru National Park

Meru National Park

Meru National Park is one of best known Kenya national parks that sounds as a home for big five mammals and other wildlife species that offers less busy inhabitants for animals. Moreover, it is under the protection of Kenya wildlife service, situated in Eastern province of Kenya. The park is located at low altitude average rainfall that measures 635 -762milimeters in the west and over 305 to 356 millimeters in the east. However, the park was established in 1966 as a gazette area for wildlife species covering an area of about 870 square kilometers offering a vegetation cover of open savannah grassland ,thorny bush land in the North part of the park , wood grassland  and also offers with dense riverine forests of Doum and Raffia palm ,which are inhabitants to bio diversity of mammal species including Lions ,Rhinos ,elephants ,leopard ,buffaloes ,zebras ,cheetahs ,waterbucks , Giraffes ,hippos among others with over 430 bird species are recorded in here.

Major attractions to visit in Meru national park include;

On your visit to Meru national park, a traveler can visit the former home of Joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness who was famously known for her conservation efforts which she put in with Elsa the lioness and George Adamson who was a wildlife warden. They both loved animals and who so ever visits this area leaves with wondrous experience in life time.

The spectacular viewing of Mount Kenya which gives clear photography and the view is quite rewarding.

Rivers and riverine habitats also are tourist attraction since the park is located in watery areas. River Tana is interestingly attractive due to its green surrounding areas, also good for birding and fishing which supports the local people in the area.

Adamson’s falls: On your visit to Meru national park never leave without visiting Adamson’s fall where you can get amazed with stunning bubbling water, green environment and the area is good for photo shooters.

Visit the burial sites of Joy Adamson who was killed by the poacher and she was wildlife lover. 

Below are the main activities are done in Meru national park as follows;

Game drives: Meru national park is a home of variety of wildlife which can be adventured while using 4x4wheel drive safari vehicle or self-driven and you have to be escorted with professional guides who knows the right movement of wildlife in the jungle. For you to be able to enjoy the magnificent creatures that call this protected area their home. On game drive different wildlife species can be seen far from your safari vehicle in their nature habitants as you get wonderful experience of African wilderness and beautiful scenery of land scape around Travelers are likely to see cheetahs, Rhinos, elephants, reticulated giraffes, buffaloes, lions and many more.

Hiking: Travelers who prefer hiking, this could be your right destination as you can be drove at the foothill of Kilimanjaro an extinct snowcapped level at just 4 kilometers away. The crater can be easily reached /climbed for you to be able to discover the species found in it such as small forest as well as enjoying a rewardable view of the park from its rim.  

Bush Walks: The park has got privately owned compound beatified with carved few paths which will allow you to move comfortably around our pristine environment on foot without any fear of predictors. This paths were created for birders and to travelers who love nature walk in the park. Still this path provides great rewarding of small creatures around the camp, you can still leave the confines of the lodge on foot and get attracted to the nearby farms, country side and villages around.

Bush Meals: At Meru national park we also arrange bush breakfast or bush lunch for our visitors but it can be on request. And get thrilled in the middle of African wilderness as you enjoy your delicious meal as well as adventuring wildlife species around.

Fishing: Meru national park is surrounded with very many water bodies where you can carry out your fishing experience from like Tana River but you are recommended to carry your fishing equipment with you.

Sundowners: Sundowner is one of best way you can end your day at Meru national park. As you can have cool relaxation with a drink as you get a rewarding view from the small crater of Kilimanjaro which is just a small distance from Rhino River Camp. You still enjoy it on the Nyambeni Hills or you can request an arrangement of a sundowner in other selective spots within the park.

Massage Palours: This is the best way of cooling your body from adventuring the park’s species as you relax with massage body. So you can take this chance to enjoy yourself in the beautiful environment of Meru but at extra cost.

What to pack on your safe safari to Meru national park.

Useful essentials like binoculars, cameras, sunglasses, guidebook, hat, drinking water, camping equipment’s in case of overstay, picnic items many more.

Meru National Park
Meru National Park

Accommodation facilities in the park

While at Meru national park you can sleep in comfortable lodge such as Leopard Rock lodge, Elsa’s kopje, Irina Guest house, Kirina Cottages among other beautiful lodges.

Best time to visit the park

Meru national park can be visited throughout the year but the best season starts from December to March and Mid-June to October in order to enjoy the park’s activities without interruption of rainfall in the area.

Getting there:

  • By Car: From Nairobi the capital city passing via Nyeru using Nanyuki Road covers a driving distance of about 348kilometers. Then from Nairobi Using Embu road to access Ura Gate covers a distance of 290kilometers.
  • By Air: A traveler can fly from Wilson Airport while using a domestic flight to fly you to Elsa’s Kopje airstrip which is park’s airstrip.

Meru national park is one of the best visited Kenya national park because of the famous big fives and other mammals’ species which has made it a true African wilderness and a rewarding destination for visitors. Visit now!

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