Mount Kenya Climbing

Mount Kenya Climbing : Mount Kenya is such attractive and enjoyable though challenging to the most stunning Mount Kenya’s highest trekking peak which is Lenana Point at 4985 meters. Mount Kenya climbing is grateful with the beautiful view of the spectacular volcanic massif, the activity is such rewarding being the popular hiking destination in the entire country with the amazing landscape dotted with the glaciers, beautiful unique flora and fauna, rock spires and as well during hiking the tourists can sight haven of the animal species including elephants, hyrax and among many others. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa with the incredible routes that takes up and down in the variety of different ways. Most adventurous hikers choose climbing Mount Kenya that Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kenya has got three popular trekking routes that cater for 90%of all trekkers who climb Mount Kenya on the western side of the mountain that is the Naro Moru to west and Sirimon to North West and Chogoria to south East. Both of the two points do happen with the starting point form the small town of Naro Moru that takes about 4 hours’ drive from Nairobi.

Mount Kenya Climbing
Mount Kenya Climbing

During Mount Kenya climbing you are therefore recommended either to use the ascending or the descending as each of the routes gives you the same variety, this is not one day activity you can as well either camp or stay in huts along the way.

There are more five routes that are much less climbed that is Burguret on west, Timau on the north, Meru on the North East, Ithanguni on the East and Kamweti to the south.

During mount Kenya climbing there can be presence of the well trained guides that have got the extensive experiences on all the routes, with international first aid help, during your hiking the climbers are provided with the camping and cooking equipment’s but there can be the presence of the porters who helps you to carry a rucksack of up to 15 kgs.

Mountain Kenyan climbing routes.

Kenya has the main routes that are recommended by the mountain climbers on the hiking safari to Mount Kenya and these are described and explained below.

Sirimon Route.

Sirimon route provides the hikers with the easiest way to reach the summit of the mountain, the track is about 15km from Nanyuki town heading towards Meru. This route is much preferred compared to the rest of the routes being at the North West side of Mount Kenya it escapes the rainfall most of the times hence the route can be drier than the rest of the routes all the year around.

Sirimon route has got plenty of water and which makes the hikers to keep on refilling their bottles, with the presence of the permanent camps like Shipton’s camp and among others that provides accommodation to the hikers.

Chogoria route.

Chogoria routes provides access of the hikers from the eastern side of the mountain, though its much longer routes compared to others. There are various camp sites that are located alongside the route that provides accommodation to the hikers, it’s rewarding with the thrilling views at the Nithi George.

Naru Moru Route.

Naru Moru route is the shortest route to the peaks, this route can be occupied by various hikers since it’s the shortest though taken to be terrible still the route can take only two hours to be covered. The route gives the proper sightings of the various features, like along the side of Teleki valley and proceeding it to the Naro Moru stream to Mackinder’s camp then from that camp is like 5 to 6 hours of hiking, the Austrian hut can be accessed in a further 4 hours walks and another 45 minutes to the point Lenana.

Mount Kenya Climbing
Mount Kenya Climbing

Burguret route.

Burguret route starts from the Mountain Rock Hotel then to the forest  then it proceeds to the elephant camp, after proceeding on the way after castle there is a good campsite called campi ya farasi where the hikers a pitch their tents after a long day climb. And from their they proceed with the hiking up to the summit.

Whatever route you use, climbing Mount Kenya takes a hiker 4 to 5 days on the mountain regardless of which route you choose on a climbing safari.

Best time to climb Mount Kenya.

The best months to climb Mount Kenya are majorly dry months like January to March and June to October but it can be climbed all the year around, though the rainy seasons tend to be in April, May and November but now days climate change has made it more difficult to predict.

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