Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Reserve Activities

Mount Kenya National Reserve

Mount Kenya National Park was created to protect this gorgeous Mountain Kenya, wildlife species and the surrounding environment which are habitat for wild animals as well as a safe area for the catchment of water that supply Tana River. The park is dominated with extinct volcano, Kenyan central Highlands and East of the Rift. Mount Kenya sits in North-East of Nairobi city with its Northern route across the Equator. The mountain its self has two outstanding snow –covered peaks that is Batian measuring ‘’5199meter high and Nelion measuring ‘’5188meter high making it attractive place to adventure.

However, slopes around the mountain are cloaked in the nearby forest bamboo, scrub and moorland that connect on the high central peaks to snow, ice and the rock.

The park was established in 1949 to protect bio diversity of species and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and measures an area of about 715 square kilometers. It is also surrounded by Mount Kenya National Reserve which estimates an area of 2.095kilometers.

Mount Kenya national park/physical features /Species to be adventured.

Mount Kenya is a landmark of a variety of interesting species ranging from higher forest, alpine moorlands, bamboo, tarns, glaciers and glacial moraines, alpine vegetation among others.

Wildlife species such as Cape buffaloes, Elephants, lions, Rhinos and water bucks. And on lower altitude forest zone, this could be the best time for trekkers to come across to large wildlife species like leopards, Rock hyrax, elephants, buffaloes and antelopes like impala many more. 

Mount Kenya Wildlife species

Mountain Kenya is located inside the park and surrounded with a forest reserve which is inhabitant for high population of animals. Some of animals to be spotted include; black and white colobus monkeys, Tree hyrax, Mongoose, Elephants, Duikers, Waterbucks, Bushbucks, Buffaloes, Black rhinos, Mole rats and the beauty of vegetation around is awesome.

The park has that attractive green vegetation ‘’montane Avifauna’’ which attracts numerous bird species to come to Mount Kenya national park. Beautiful bird species to sight see in here include; Mountain Buzzard, Scarlet billed, starling, Montane white-eye, Eastern double –collared sunbird, Hunter’s Cisticola, African green pigeon, Black and white manikin, Spot-flanked barbet, Abyssinian ground thrush among other birdlife to be viewed.

Attraction to visit in Mount Kenya

These are the tourist’s attraction to be explored on your visit to Mount Kenya such as; Spectacular viewing of Mount Kenya, Nairobi animal Tours, lakes, beautiful montane and alpines vegetation, mineral springs, glaciers and peaks, tarns, high altitude adapted plains game. 

Activities to do in Mount Kenya National Park include Mountain climbing, Nature walk, Hiking, Bird watching, camping and Game drive.

Mountain Climbing: Trekking Mount Kenya is quite interesting but you need to be physically fit in the body for you to be able to enjoy the trekking peak ‘’point lenana’’. It offers seven routes to climb up the mountain and the easiest is the Naro Moru which takes 4 days passing through Sirimon, chogoria and the Summit circuit path.

The third peak measures 4.895meter and it can be easily reached by all trekkers Note, full trekking can take one week up to 10days.

The best time to do mountain climbing since is the main key activity starts from Mid-January to February and from late August to September when the area is dry.

Hiking up Mountain Kenya: Hiking up till the top of Mountain Kenya gives travelers breath taking moments and the view is rewarding as you can be able to sight see beautiful species like glaciers, Lakes, birds, as well as animal species and plants. This is worthy amazing experience.

Game drive: This activity can be done early morning or evening game drive in 4x4WD safari vehicle with professional guide who leads you to animal movements within the national park. While on game drive you can be able to see variety of animals around the savannah, water banks as they take water such as Elephants, buffaloes, antelopes many more.

Camping and cave visiting: This is truly awesome experience one to camp on top of the mountain since there is a camping point provided for travelers. You can as well visit the caves which are located near your camping site.

Bird watching: This is absolutely a birding hoven for birders where tourist can see variety of birds along the lakes as well as slopes of the mountain.

N.B Mount Kenya national park can be visited throughout the year.

Mount Kenya National Reserve
Mount Kenya National Reserve

Accommodation/lodges/camp site in Mount Kenya national park.

On your visit to this conducive place, you can stay in catered lodges like Naro Muru river lodge, Serena mountain lodge, Shipton’s Mountain hut, Old Moses mountain hut, Hotel Fairmount Mount Kenya safari club, Sirimon cottage, Mackinder’s campsite among other lodges.  

Getting there

By Road: Mount Kenya national park can be reachable while passing via chogori using Meru road covering 150 kilometers to the North of Nairobi to access one of park’s gate. They include; Kamweti, Marania, Burguret gate.

By Air: Traveler can fly from Wilson Airport to the nearby park’s Nanyuki Airstrip.

Come experience an area of great scenic beauty such as the vegetation cover, glaciers, wildlife species and water catchment for the surrounding area and discover want makes Africa to be a loveable nature on the earth. 


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