Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park was established to protect the remaining population of unique roan antelopes which cannot be found elsewhere in other Kenya national park. The park is located in Nyanzi province in western Kenya, near to the great shores of Africa’s largest lake known as Lake Victoria.

The park is considered as the last retreat of beautiful roan antelopes on Kenya safari and was established in 1966 as Lambwe valley game reserve ,later it was renamed ‘’Ruma’’ by one of Kenya’s most famous and feared wizards who lived around the national park  known as Gormahia. The park was officially gazetted as a national park in 1983 ,covering an area of about 120 square kilometers that inhabits bio diversity of wildlife species such as African leopards ,cape buffaloes ,Eastern black rhinoceros ,Oribis ,Rothschild’s giraffes ,Lelwel hartebeests ,Bohor reed bucks ,hyenas ,servals ,topis ,honey badger, bush pigs many more ,primates like olive baboons ,vervet monkeys .Ruma  park  also sounds as a birding paradise with more than 400 bird species are  recorded in the park such as blue swallow. This national park can be visited throughout the year for impressive wildlife viewing on African continent ‘’Kenya’’.

The park’s land scape is composed of the diverse environment which varies from open savannah, acacia thickets, towering cliffs, woodland as well as volcanic plugs to riverine woodland which are referred to as a sanctuary for these beautiful antelopes.   

The national park is divided into four outstanding zones namely the low use zone, closed zone, high use zone and influence zone. All these zones are supportive to various species such as a breeding place for roan antelopes and provides amazing wildlife viewing experiences to travelers.

The national park is under the protection of Kenya Wildlife Services and these are the duties carried out by Kenya governing body for all national parks such as restoring and monitoring wildlife species, protecting and conserving wildlife habitats many more.

Ruma National Park wildlife

Ruma national park can be reached from two entrance such as kamato gate and Nyatoto gate.

Attractions in Ruma National Park

They include as follows Wildlife species: 

Wildlife species: This national park is a home of a range of wildlife species that can be explored on traveler’s visit to Ruma and wild species can be easily observed at different times of the day during the game drive experience. Wildlife species to be sighted in here include baboons, hartebeests, vervet monkey, Cape buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes, hyena, roan antelopes, leopard among other species. The rare roan antelopes can also be seen here as well as a variety of reptiles can be viewed in this park such as python, African spitting cobra, forest cobra, eastern green mamba, puff adder, black mouthed mamba and many more other species of reptiles can be seen in this national park.

Birdlife species: The national park is a haven for birders where you can be able to see migratory and native bird species such as unique blue swallow, sunbirds, Ostriches, Kingfishers, Pelicans, African fish eagle and many more. Above all, blue swallow birds are an exceptional bird that can be sighted in this national park and they are commonly seen on moist grassland for feeding and roosting and sometimes they migrate between Ruma park and Tanzania thus making birding tour possible to this national park.

Lambwe river: The Lambwe river and Kanyamua escarpment are comprised by volcanic rocks, granites, riverine woodlands and alkaline black soils. This river acts as a natural source of water for the wildlife species in Ruma  park.

Cultural attractions: This is one of the amazing experiences done on African safari destinations like here in Ruma national park you can visit Luo homesteads, kiisi communities or Abasuba.Visiting one of these communities you can come up with interesting cultural practices and enjoy traditional dance and songs as well as a traditional music instrument.

Activities to engage in Ruma National Park

Game viewing: This is a gorgeous activity done in Ruma national park where the number of wildlife species can be adventured by a tourist while enjoying a drive through the park’s impressive landscape and in maintained game tracks. Game drive in Ruma national park can be done in different sessions of the day that is morning game drive which allows tourists to see active animals, full day game drive best time to study wildlife species behaviors, how they feed and survival. The evening game drive is good to see animals resting under the tree but sometime less rewarding. Wildlife species to view which include leopard, cape buffaloes, lelwel hartebeests, honey badgers, Rothschild giraffe, primates like vervet monkeys among others.

Bird watching: This national park hosts over 400 bird species which can be sighted on your visit to Ruma national park. On your birding day to Ruma you can be able to sightsee the rare blue swallow which is less seen in other Kenya national parks. Other bird species include Ostriches, kingfishers, sunbirds, African fish eagle pelicans many more.

Nature Walks: The national park is gifted with a beautiful natural environment comprised of variety of tree species, canopy cover, and dominant grass species which attracts wide range of species. Tourists can engage in Ruma nature walk and discover a true African wilderness.

Boat cruise: Travelers who enjoy boat cruise experience visit Ruma national park and get excited on waters of Lake Victoria while sailing on a water vessel, it gives you an opportunity to watch the captivating sunset along Lake Victoria.

Hiking: Hiking in Ruma national park can be carried out in the Gwassi hills at the back drop of the park. On your hiking activity, you can be able to see wild forest fruits, nature forest many more.

Fishing: Travelers can do fishing on Lake Victoria which is located close to the national park.
Accommodation, Lodges in Ruma national park

The Park has suitable accommodations safety for your stay ranging between Luxury to budget accommodation such lodges are Rusinga island lodge, golden rays resort, Ruma river lodge, Oribis guesthouse, hotel twin towers, Oyugis hill breeze hotel, hotel hippo buck, Ruma tourist lodge.

Ruma National Park
Ruma National Park

Travelers can as well as camp on their visit to Ruma national park and the available camping site include Nyati special campsite, Twiga campsite, Fig tree public campsite, and Korlango site many more.

Accessibility to Ruma national park

  • By Road: You can be able to access this national park while starting your journey from Nairobi via Nakuru or Homa bay to reach the main destination.
  • By Air: Travelers can book chartered flights that are available to Homa bay and such Airstrips include Kasigau airstrip, Makatau airstrip, Jipe airstrip among others.

Adventure into African wilderness a land of beautiful roan antelopes, Oribis, and many more during a visit to Ruma national park ‘’Kenya safari destination’’. 

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