Things to do at Watamu Marine National Park

Things to do at Watamu Marine National Park

Things to do at Watamu Marine National Park: Watamu Marine National park Kenya safaris is one of the best-untouched safaris where a traveler can be able to enjoy all the water experiencing activities. Note that, spot diving is the best diving excursions done in the park, snorkelers can also experience the reefs directly to the coral site. Then the land-lubbers can get amazed at the reefs from a comfortable glass-bottomed boat as well as participating to guided tours to the Mida Creek Mangrove Forest which can be explored either on foot down the boardwalks or by canoe.

The park act as a home to various marine species such as enormous Wrasse and the endangered Turtles. Watamu lies on the North coast of Kenya over 120 kilometers North of Mombasa and it was established in 1968 and recognized as a UNESCO biosphere in 1979. The park covers an area of 229 kilometers squared.

Things to do on a visit to Watamu

There are many tourist’s activities /things to do at this wondrous marine park as listed below;

Snorkeling: Coral reefs and the sea gardens are the greatest features in Watamu Marine National Park recorded with over 150 species of soft and hard corals which can be viewed. While snorkeling you cannot fail to spot fan corals, brain corals and sponges which attracts to over 1000 fish species. Watamu waters are impressive with fringing reef that rises 300 meters offshore which makes it possible to enjoy underwater.

The clear waters provide perfect visibility to snorkelers and when it comes to scuba divers you can explore more than 20 prime dive sites since it is just 30 minutes offshore.

Big Game/Marine Life: This is absolutely a prohibited place for big game fishing since its waters are a breeding ground for notable fish species and this amazes many tourists and the fishers. Watamu is among the best spotting area for game fishing along the African coastline and species of fish include Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish, Swordfish, drummer fish, crocodile fish, batfish, whale sharks, green sea turtles, sword fish, wrasse fish, lion fish, octopus, Marlin, angle fish and many more. The turtles are; endangered green turtle, leather back, olive ridley turtle and hawksbill among others. To many who would like to participate in Fishing competitions can visit the park from December to March which is the prime fishing season.

Bird Watching: Watamu Marine National Park also sounds as a tourist’s place for birding which are habitant in different spotting areas such as Dakath Woodland, Whale Island, Mida Creek, and Sabaki River Mouth such birds to be encountered include; white brown coucal, lizard buzzard, Osprey golden palm weavers, bright yellow canaries, speckled mousebird, black kite, common bulbul, and kingfishers mentioned but few.

Waterbird species include myriad Egrets, Sandpipers, plovers as well as Terns can be seen here. Migrant birds can also be spotted in here like shrikes, Sunbirds, Warblers, Flycatchers, and Orioles.

Turtle Watch

On your visit to Watamu never leave without visiting Turtle Watch Centre and get to learn much more about the interesting turtles and the great work to protect these beautiful creatures. The rehabilitated turtles are later released to the sea and the hatchings which allows them to make their way perfect to the sea.


The park offers over 20 diving sites that can be easily accessed from the shore and to someone who does not want to get contact with water you can engage in a glass-bottom boat. 

Visit Gedi town ruin

This is an Archeological site where you can get interested in learning about its history and it has been existing for centuries.


Travelers can engage in fishing on their visit to Watamu Marine National Park, though fishing seasons depends on whether condition.

Things to do at Watamu Marine National Park
Things to do at Watamu Marine National Park

Other activities offered include; Dolphin-watching, swimming, Kite surfing, wind surfing, water –skiing in the Mida Creek and Sailing.

Travelers can also relax while basking on the beautiful clean white sand beach

Best time to visit Watamu

The best time is dry seasons when water is very clear and sunbathing is at its peak which starts from July to October. Then the best time to experience in divers is from October to April and turtles Nestle starts from April to July.

Where to stay

Accommodation facilities in Watamu Marine national park varies from traveler’s budget but there are many beach holiday hotels that can cater for your stay in Watamu starting from high ends to budget comfortable accommodation some one of hotels include; Watamu Tree House, Hemingway’s Hotel, Ocean sports, Watamu Beach Cottages, Medine Palms, Turtle Bay and many more.

Come experience unique water adventure in the beautiful heart of African continent ‘’KENYA SAFARI DESTINATION’’.

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