Top things to do in Zanzibar

Top things to do in Zanzibar : Anyone looking for tranquil beaches, a thriving culture, and reasonable costs can find it on the Zanzibar islands. Due to the fact that tourism is one of the key sources of income, it is exceptionally safe for tourists, visitors, and single travelers. Zanzibar is a beautiful island, you can move around easily to participate in a variety of safari activities and take advantage of outstanding sightseeing opportunities.

Maximise Beach Time.

 Zanzibar, which boasts some of the most stunning safari beaches in the world, offers immaculate white sands and warm, clear waters that are home to magnificent and uncommon marine life.

Nungwi Beach, which is about an hour’s drive north of Zanzibar City, has a wide range of Zanzibar accommodation alternatives, including lovely resorts, inexpensive lodges, and luxurious hotels. Relaxing and sipping on a coconut or cocktail while observing the dhows float beyond the horizon are a couple of things to do in Zanzibar.

In this primarily Muslim nation, both men and women dress modestly, covering their shoulders and legs, with the exception of the beach, where guests are permitted to wear swimsuits. When taking tours and exploring the area, keep this in mind. Alcohol is offered in resorts and hotels near Zanzibar, but not in neighborhood eateries or retail establishments.

  1. Explore Kendwa for Beach Activities.

If you want to swim all day, come to the Northern and Western beaches, like Kendwa, as the Eastern section of the island is tidal.

Kendwa is the ideal location for beach vacations and leisurely safari activities in Zanzibar because the ocean here is a great area to swim and there haven’t been any recent reports of shark attacks.

Tourists flock to this area of the Unguja because it offers some of Zanzibar’s best safari activities and has a relaxed vacation mood. Visitors can take part in activities like skydiving, parasailing, and scuba diving as well as sunset cruises, seafood barbeques, and the full moon parties held at Kendwa Rocks.

The months of June through October are ideal for a beach vacation in Zanzibar. You will skip the rainy season, but due to the islands’ year-round pleasant temperatures, visitors frequently visit them.

  1. Pamper Yourself on Mnemba Island.

Mnemba Island, which is just off the coast of Zanzibar in the east, is ideal for honeymooners looking for a secluded island getaway.

Lionfish, moray eels, stingrays, and turtles are just a some of the amazing marine species that can be found around the island of Mnemba, which also provides dolphin cruises and stunning coral reefs for divers and snorkelers. Both accommodation at one of the 12 exclusive beach bandas or day trips from Nungwi are options.

  1. Float above Beautiful Coral Reefs.

A snorkeling haven all year round, the tranquil waters between Ugunja and Pemba are home to magnificent coral reefs and tropical wildlife.

On Mnemba Island, there is an underwater conservation area called the Mnemba Atoll Marine Reserve that is home to enormous coral reefs and uncommon aquatic species. These delicate ecosystems transport you into a stunning underwater realm of vivid corals, where you can find, to name a few, Green Turtles, Seahorses, Trumpetfish, Moray Eels, and Napoleon Wrasse.

Visits to Wattabomi and West Gardens, two fantastic snorkelling locations, are among the things to do in Zanzibar. Kichwani Reef, the Aquarium, and the Big Wall are all accessible to scuba divers and range in depth from 12 to 50 metres.

The waters near Stone Town are ideal for snorkelling because they are home to a variety of aquatic life and shipwrecks that are scattered across the ocean floor. When swimming in this location, many snorkelers wear rash vests because jellyfish are occasionally observed there.

Top things to do in Zanzibar
Changu Island

The island of Changuu, sometimes known as Prison Island, is located farther west of Stone Town. It is a lonely snorkelling gem surrounded by pristine reefs and crystal-clear waters for excellent visibility. Travellers can also explore the outdoors by visiting the Giant Tortoise Sanctuary, which is located further inland.

  1. Head Out to Misali Island for the Best Diving in East Africa.

 Zanzibar archipelago is a well-liked diving location due to its excellent diving conditions and good visibility, especially Pemba Island, which provides everything from deep-sea safaris to breathtaking first-time dives. For tourists looking for something different to do in Zanzibar, there are about thirty diving locations throughout the archipelago that provide beginner and expert lessons.

Unquestionably one of the best diving and snorkelling locations in East Africa is Misali Island, which is located north of Ugunja and just west of Pemba. Pemba Channel Conservation Area’s secluded waters are home to more than 300 different species of marine life and enormous coral gardens that are unaffected by tides.

  1. Go sailing on a traditional dhow.

 The historic dhow shipbuilding industry, unique to East Africa and distinguished by the timber boats that may be seen drifting in the water, is still centred in Nungwi.

In addition to the Nungwi Village trip, shipbuilding regions can also be explored by tourists, who can also take a dhow cruise and view the sunset from the tranquil Indian Ocean.

  1. Tour Museums in Stone Town.

 Zanzibar archipelago, also known as Spice Island, is well-known for its trade in nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves, giving the local marketplaces and food booths in and around mediaeval Stone Town a pungent backdrop.

The term Stone Town comes from the Coral Stone that is used as its primary building material. Stone Town is the oldest area of Zanzibar City, and its distinctive architecture incorporates influences from the Arab, European, Persian, African, and Indian cultures.

Some of Zanzibar’s most notable historical landmarks, including as the Arab Fort, Palace of Wonders, Forodhani Gardens, and Palace Museum, may be found within the maze of tiny lanes. There are numerous guided walks and bike trips available to view these attractions.

  1. Unwind and Enjoy Street Food in the Forodhani Gardens.

 The Forodhani Gardens, which were first constructed in 1936 as a tribute to Sultan Khalifa, are tucked away among these antique structures. Now that the gardens have been transformed into a neighborhood park, both tourists and residents may enjoy activities in Zanzibar like shopping at the nearby market and eating delectable street food.

Following dusk, the park becomes a thriving night market where sellers congregate to serve amazing Swahili and Zanzibar specialties, including Biryani, Mandazi, and Mishkaki skewers as well as a variety of seafood with East African, Persian, and Portuguese influences.

  1. Watch out for major events at the Arab Fort.

One of Zanzibar’s main draws for tourists is the Old Fort. The oldest structure in Zanzibar was constructed by Omani Arabs in the 17th century, and it is unquestionably among the most impressive sights to witness. In the past, it served as a fortification until being converted to a prison in the late 19th century. Nowadays, the Arab Fort serves as a venue for significant occasions like the annual Zanzibar International Film Festival, which takes place in July.

  1. Go On a Shopping Spree at the Darajani Market.

 The main marketplace, the Darajani Bazaar, is situated in Stone Town. The exquisite traditional cotton clothing worn by the women and occasionally the males in this area is called Kanga, which is Swahili for guinea fowl. Swahili sellers also sell embroidered Kofia caps and fresh fruit and spices.

  1. Take a boat to learn about slave trade secrets.

 A 30-minute boat ride from Stone Town takes you to Changuu Island, which is well-known for its unique past as a hub for the quarantine of yellow fever patients. Another well-known aspect of Zanzibar is its involvement in the slave trade in the nineteenth century. The island’s initial purpose was to house rebellious slaves in prison, earning it the name Prison Island, a fittingly sinister tourist destination. Taking some of these particular tours is among the Zanzibar things to do.

Giant tortoises and an amazing variety of birds may be found in abundance in the dense tropical jungle, which is surrounded by shallow underwater safaris ideal for snorkelling trips.

  1. Visit a Real Zanzibar Coffee Shop.

 Arabica and Robusta coffee beans grown on massive estates and modest-sized farms all across Tanzania are well-known for being exported. As a result, Zanzibar has had the chance to perfect the fine art of producing coffee, much to the joy of caffeine-loving tourists from all over the world.

What better way to spend a day in Zanzibar than by stopping by the Zanzibar Coffee House in Stone Town? The 19th-century structure has been refurbished and now serves as a hotel with a café selling real Arabic coffee. Even without the delectable coffee, this real Arabian House, one of the oldest in Stone Town, is worth a visit for its amazing architecture and antiques.

  1. Browse Artisan Shops.

You’ll discover a lot of artisan stores selling souvenirs and presents along the streets of Zanzibar City, including anything from purses and jewelry to keychains and deftly carved wooden sculptures.

Other things to do in Zanzibar include looking about the city’s hidden gems, which include Persian antiquities, palm-leaf baskets and mats, organic beauty supply shops, health food stores, and art galleries.

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