Unforgettable safari experiences in Kenya

Unforgettable safari experiences in Kenya : Kenya has a glamorous image, largely in part to the amazing adventures of Karen Blixen and the smart expats who call this African country ‘home.’ In Kenya, this same group of people was the main force behind several successful wildlife conservancies.  Today, when people go to Kenya, they can do unusual things because the owners run the conservancies instead of the government.  Since these conservancies are not governed by the government but still take care of the needs of wildlife, there are many ways to go on adventures with the animals that live there.

Camel safari in Laikipia.

Camels like dry places, so the area around Lewa and Laikipia in Northern Kenya is a great place for them to live.  Visitors to Laikipia have the choice of taking a one-day camel ride into the desert or going on a four-day camel safari that includes everything.

Rhino tracking in Samburu.

People who love animals will have a great time tracking rhinos in Samburu.  These three-day hikes, which follow in the tracks of the northern black rhino, are led by a very skilled guide.  Guests learn all about where rhinos live, how they act, what dangers they face, and what can be done to protect them.

Swimming in a waterfall at Sirikoi.

Most of the lodges in Laikipia are near the green Ngare Ndare Forest, where you can take lovely walks.  Hikers are rewarded with a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the day that has a perfect natural swimming hole.

Climbing Mt. Kenya.

The top of Mt. Kenya is lower than that of its neighbor, Mt. Kilimanjaro, but the climb is much more difficult and should only be attempted by very brave (and fit) travelers.  Point Lenana is the most doable and least technical way, but most beginning or intermediate mountain climbers will still find it difficult.  During the hiking safari guests will sleep in dome tents and get to see amazing views of the nearby mountains. It’s a great feeling to reach the top of a beautiful peak in Africa.

Horse riding safaris.

Horse safaris are a great way to get close to animals and walk alongside them as you canter over the open grassland.  Laikipia has great horse safaris that last from one to three days and take place in areas with fewer dangerous animals.

Balloon safari over the Maasai Mara.

Hot air balloons have a beautiful feel to them, and the way they were flown in the past is kind of sweet.  During the height of the wildebeest migration, people on a balloon safari may see thousands of wildebeest running across the plains of the Mara. This adds to the romantic and exciting atmosphere.  This is a must-have for people who like to fly.

Unforgettable safari experiences in Kenya
Maasai mara hot air balloon


Fly camping in Naboisho.

Camping has its own charm.  By mixing a walking safari with a private “fly camp” in dome tents, travelers who are up for an exciting wildlife safari experience can get the best of both worlds.  The ‘host’ camp sends a team of workers with the guests. The guests sleep on comfortable sleeping beds, eat a wonderful meal, and feel safe at night because an askari watches over the camp.

White water rafting in Tana River.

The rapids on the Tana River run from class 1 to class 5, making it a thrill-seeker’s dream.  There are ways for people with different levels of skill, so it’s important to let the tour company know what level you are before going on a memorable river rafting safari.

Safaricom Marathon.

Safaricom Marathon goes through 13 km of dangerous, unfenced wild land in Lewa Conservancy. This is the ultimate adventure for people who like to be scared.  There are several helicopters and armed rangers on hand to keep people safe from dangerous animals, but only 30% of people finish the race because they often run into possibly dangerous animals.

Wild dog walking safari.

Wild dogs aren’t very common, so a walking safari is a unique way to see them up close and personal.  Walking for several days is hard on your body and gives you many chances to see wild dogs.

Sail on the Tusitiri dhow.

Tusitiri is an old dhow that was once used to trade along the famous Spice Route. The crew of the Tusitiri brings a lot of water toys for people who want to stay busy.  Guests can choose to go sailing, fishing, kite surfing, snorkeling safaris, or diving safaris. A dhow will take them to the best spot for each activity.  Safaris on the Tusitiri can be made to fit the needs of each customer, and they usually begin in Lamu Town on the Kenyan Coast.

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