What to take on a Kenya Safari

What to take on a Kenya Safari : Planning and preparing for  the Kenya safari is essential and considerable, it’s always advised to open your minds and think by relating the things to take on a Kenya safari with a sense of adventure, mostly the most suitable clothing that are more efficient for a Kenya safari are the ones that are light also so called the wash and wear is recommended while on the  a safari, then the muted colors are the best for the game viewing due to the fact that the game viewing is mostly done in the morning when the weather is cold.

Packing for a safari in Kenya is amazing daunting experience even for an experienced traveler, let alone a first time safari tourist, when you think about the Kenya safari your minds should be alert and ready of the Maasai Mara National Reserve here your recommended to carry the items with the careful consideration while considering the weather of the park, the culture and much to see in Kenya.

What to take on a Kenya Safari
Kenya wildlife Safari

Things to take on a Kenya safari includes the clothing suitable for a safari, shoes, hat, sun protection, insect repellant, camera and binoculars, vital medication and many more. As well never forget on any safari to travel with the travel documents that includes the health vaccination certificates, Airline tickets, credit cards and insurance papers, passports make sure that all your documents are in order and be ready with them before the day of starting a Kenya safari and note to elimate the plastic bags on your safari in order for the proper environmental protection and conservation these have been banned from Kenya.

What to carry on a Kenya safari.


The clothes suitable for a Kenya safari should be casual in nature, that are loose fitting and light weight to keep a tourist cool and dry, then the shades are also essential so as optimum suitability for the wilderness, the suitable colours  for the clothes are Kahki, forest green are the best colours to put on a safari, the most recommended clothes to pack on a safari includes the light jacket, 2 pairs of the kahki smart casual trousers or chinos, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of night dress, 2 pair of swim wear, sports bra, 2 khaki long sleeve shirts, and among others for example if  you’re staying in a 5 star hotel, they also provide the laundry services and do not forget to carry a smart pair for the dinner wear, can also be used for the nights in Nairobi or the coat of Mombasa.


The most shoes suitable for the Kenya wildlife  Safari includes the closed shoes, which are comfortable to move from like the sneakers then the classic safari boots are always a great all around your choice, the hiking boots though they are suitable for a safari but you may find them unnecessary and heavy for a safari, then the flip flops or the sandals that are used around the swimming pool or in your room are also useful and very affordable to get in Kenya.

Insect repellents.

Though some of the camps and lodges provides the insect repellents but still you’re encouraged to pack for yourself your own insect repellents, and therefore the repellents containing the Deet are said to be more effective against any insect, bugs that may try to disrupt you.

Hats and the sunscreen protection.

Due to the fact that most if the tourists do travel to Kenya during the dry season therefore they are requested to come along with the sunscreen lotion and also the wide brim safari hat these will help you from the direct sun rays, a pair of the sunglasses and the prescription glasses for those that wear contact lenses.


Kenya safari is basically meaning that you will be in the bushes and which will be a distance to the city, so you are recommended to pack and come a long with the essential personal medication that even you cannot get from Kenya, it is recommended to come upon with the essential and personal medication when you are going for a safari and this will be helpful to you during a safari in Kenya.

What to take on a Kenya Safari
Packing List

Cameras, Binoculars, Smart phones and laptops.

Alongside your packing items on your Kenya safari you are recommended to carry the cameras, binoculars, smart phones and laptops. The binoculars are such important on a Kenya safari that is during the game driving they help in the viewing of the far away animal species and bird species  to come closer and the cameras as well they do take pictures or images for the well thrilling creatures found in the national park for the future reference or storing your safari memories, then the laptops as used for downloading and processing your images after a day on  a Kenya safari, do not get worried the AA and the AAA batteries are always available at the different lodges in Maasai Mara National reserve  and as well as the rechargeable batteries and the charging points are always available as well.

There are other essential personal requirements that you should not forget about during your Kenya safari as these includes the personal toiletries like hair conditioner, comb, body lotion, shampoo, deodorant, moisturizer, hair brush, tooth paste, toothbrush, sanitary products for ladies, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, small sewing kit, small scissors, pocket knife, alarm clock, money pouch, reading materials, notebook and a pen all these should also be included in your essential packing materials that should be carried on your safari in Kenya.

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