Facts About Malindi Beach

Facts About Malindi Beach : Malindi is a warm town located on the Kenya’s North coast on an extension of picturesque beaches that have fascinating hiding spots. Malindi offers an amazing blend of local an new all the while having palmed edged beaches that are grand resorts willing to cater for anything that you need on a Beach tour holiday in Kenya. Malindi Beach is a beach resort and a commercial center, probably founded in the 10th century by the Arab traders, Malindi became an important city-state and a major port. The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama landed there in 1498 and erected a monument that still stands as a token of gratitude for the hospitality he had gotten from Malindi’s Sultan. The cross that is on top of the pillar is the initial cross that is embodied with Lisbon limestone.

Near this structure is St. Francis Xavier, a tiny Portuguese chapel that was constructed in 1542. It is the oldest of all the Christian churches in East Africa and it is enclosed by a tiny ancient cemetery.

Malindi Museum that is located along the sea walk close to the jetty possesses some fascinating exhibitions about Malindi’s history, you can also find a contemporary town center that has craft shops, bars, restaurants plus a club. The Watamu and Malindi marine parks were in 1968 constructed and they were the pioneers in Africa. These marine national parks flow with various coral kingdoms and diverse coloured species of fish, forexample, the triggerfishes, butterfly, angel and surgeon. Tourists are able to see these acquatic wonders at a cost on glass-bottom tours provided by the marine department. Boats can privately be rented out for a full day-or half-day expedition. While you are inside these vivid reserves, snorkeling and scuba-diving are some of the adventurous activities you can do.

Facts About Malindi Beach
Facts About Malindi Beach

Malindi Beach major attraction is its blue warm tropical waters and infinite gorgeous beaches of white sand. All the hotels provide various aquatic sports from snorkeling, to paddle boating and windsurfing.

During your tour in Malindi Beach you can go and discover more about the town’s historic sites that is Malindi museum that is located on the oceanfront close to the jetty, the establishment itself is a basic 19th century handwork style. You can also take a trip to the Gede Ruins that are close by, then the Arabuko-Sokoke forest, is the biggest surviving coastal African forest surrounds these ruins.

Why people visit Malindi.

Many tourists visit Malindi to engage in amazing beach activities, as several locals and tourists visit Malindi in search for pleasure as well as excitement and this coastal town offers them this and more in large doses. This town bursts with exciting activities for example scuba diving, sightseeing, boating, kite surfing, wildlife tours, boat tours, acquatic activities, dhow excursions and many more.

Malindi has got the beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches here a lot of the tourists visit Malindi due to its lucid waters and beautiful sandy beaches. Malindi beaches have an array of pure coasts, restaurants on the beachside, beach resorts as well as sea activities. Malindi has a beach for everybody, as these beaches are the best for water sports like the diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, water skiing, surfing among others.

Tourists explore the different  tourists sites in Malindi since there is no doubt that Malindi has both culture and history in a abundance, Malindi has a few incredible places that should be mandatory for everyone to visit in this lifetime. The town and the areas nearby have historical and incredible sights that will blow your mind for example the Falcony of Kenya, Watamu turtle watch, Marafa-Hell’s Kitchen, Marine National park, Takwa ruins, Mida Creek, Gede ruins, Vasco da Gama pillar and so many other incredible sites.

Malindi is a destination for everyone, that is it does not matter of your plans are for a thrilling adventure, sightseeing excursions, family vacation, retreats or a romantic gateway for a weekend, Malindi has got it all with excitement and amusements for everybody young and old, budgets and preferences.  A vacation to Malindi is exciting and amazing plus it creates memories of a lifetime.

Tourists are always interested in the vibrant nightlife of Malindi, the tourists love enjoying themselves plus this town is popular for its resonant nightlife. The greatest time to relax and luxuriate in friend’s company is during the Malindi holidays. The easy-going town atmosphere is quite distinct from the atmosphere in Mombasa and Nairobi, although it is very interesting. You can spend your nights in the vibrant different bars and clubs of the town. The nightlife in Malindi is always flourishing, Facts About Malindi Beach.

The flawless climate of Malindi is blessed with wonderful climate and weather, you will have a good time in Malindi during your stay with temperatures ranging from 76 to 820F.

Where to stay in Malindi.

Malindi has got the most awesome accommodation facilities where the guests can stay during their visit in Malindi as they include;

Diamonds Dream of Africa.

Diamonds Dream of Africa is a resort is all inclusive and it offers to fulfill your every vacation need, then your dream of complete relaxion is able to become accurate from here. The resort has a gym where you can lose off any excess weight, two restaurants, bars, and an animation program in the evening, a spa where you can get pampered, the resort provides activities for all ages.

Facts About Malindi Beach
Facts About Malindi Beach

The Ocean beach Spa and Resort.

The resort is located amidst sandy dunes on the exterior part of Malindi. It possesses a poise old world appeal and accommodation is given in lavish selected suited that have a view of the Indian Ocean and tropical gardens. The scrumptions meals that concentrate on seafood’s that is freshly caught get amazing care from the rejuvenating wellness spa treatments.

What is the best time to visit Malindi?

The best time to visit Malindi is May to October, in the summer months, temperatures tend to get to a maximum of around 320C (890 F). The average low temperatures in winter float around 240C (750 F), while the coldest it gets do to is about 230C (740 F).

How to get to Malindi.

Malindi can be accessed into different means that is by Road or air means of transport from Mombasa to Malindi.

Road transport, there is a good road of tar that can take you to Malindi from Mombasa. The distance from Mombasa to Malindi is around 120 kilometers.

Air transport, Malindi airport is located 1.5 miles (2.5km) away from the town on the road of Mombasa and is segmented with beautiful coconut plantations. These are flights scheduled on a daily basis between Lamu and Nairobi plus Mombasa and Malindi, then the private charters are also served by the airport. The taxis can also be available that can take you to your accommodation from the airport.

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