Hippo Point Kenya

Hippo Point Kenya : Hippo point is one of the most admirable places that you all the ever set foot on a Kenya safari. This is an exclusive private wildlife conservancy that is located on an isthmus in between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien located on the altitude of 6,200 feet or 1,050 meters. The destination is perfect and it has got the microclimate with the diverse number of bird species that are over 350 where and over 1,200 animal species roaming the grounds and the perfect place for various tourists on a Kenya safari.

On a safari at Hippo point Kenya there are various two option experience that includes the following,

Dodo’s Folly.

Dodo’s Folly is one of the top wildlife retreats in the entire planet with eight-story 120 foot Tower is one of the most luxurious Kenyan homes where various travelers do in search of the unique environment. This is built by Dodo Cuuningham-Reid, where it can be opened and visited by various tourists during the year.Travellers do enjoy the spectacular views with over Oloidien Bay and follow at eagle-eye level the movements of the beautiful numbers of the hippos, zebras, giraffes and among many others at the foot of the Tower-this is the best safari moment a tourist can ever experience the symphony of peace and tranquility, broken only by the extraordinary birdsong and as the hippos enjoy the sparkling of water under the cover of darkness that makes you safari moments the most incredible one.

There are 4 Double rooms, 1 single ground floor room with a dining room, spacious living room together with the beautiful balcony, kitchen, writing room, there is a small top view room, meditation room. For the tourists who come for a Kenya safari, this destination is the ideal for a family looking for a unique luxury experience in the entire Africa.

Hippo Point Kenya
Hippo Point Kenya

The 1932 Manor House.

The 1932 Manor house is a beautiful British country house famous on a Kenya safari where the scented roses and the serene lush lawns with the amazing sharply with the yellowish dusty tree trunks of the surrounding acacias. This is where the tourist get to spot the amazing animal species that includes the giraffe, resident buffalo, hippos, zebras, gazelle and among many others. The 1932 Manor House is the incredible with the cozy comforts of the Russian bed linen and the unique warm wooden floors and bathtubs and many unique ones. The house has got the 8 doubles, 1 single room with the two sections at the end ideal for the children.

Your safari at Hippo point you enjoy the favorite safari moments beginning from the meals that are prepared from the organic garden growing nature’s bounty in high altitude volcanic soils that grows the tasted vegetables, salads and fruits. The hippo point has got the menus that are light, healthy and innovative designed to give the visitors great taste while giving enough nutrients to the bodies of the visitors. During the morning the visitors can be served with the freshly squeezed juices along with the home-made muesli, fruit, yoghurt, fresh farm eggs, home baked multi-grain bread, oats and among many others. The meals at the hippo point are all prepared from the nearby farms and fish from the Indian Ocean as every meal can be accompanied by the healthy surprise like the caramelized ginger and vanilla ice cream and among others.

Visitors who come at Hippo point do enjoy the various safari activities that include the game walks or the bike rides early in the early morning and evening, as well the visitors enjoy the horseback rides can be arranged for the lovely ride around the property and the surrounding farms, swimming pool can be enjoyed by the tourists which is a 20 meter from the manor house that is surrounded by yellow fever trees where the zebra, buffalos, giraffes and others then along the pool you can stretch while doing Yoga and among others. Other safari activities includes hiking through the hot spring gorge, climbing the extinct, visiting a Rhino sanctuary, bird watching through boat ride, visiting Hells Gate National park and Lake Nakuru National Park and many others.

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