Hot Air Balloon Safari in Amboseli National Park

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Amboseli National Park : Hot air balloon safari experience is a truly once in a lifetime experience to have during your Kenya safari in Amboseli national park, flying over the Amboseli plains is a memorable experience offering an opportunity to enjoy aerial views of the plains of Amboseli national park and get a close view of Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest mountain on the African continent.

Hot air balloon safaris in Amboseli national park is operated by Kilimanjaro Balloon Safaris which is located just outside Kimana Gate which is at the southeast section of Amboseli National Park in Kenya.


Hot air balloon experience in Amboseli national park takes off at the break of the dawn around 06 am, you will enjoy watching the balloon being inflated while at the landing point where you will join other tourists. Then climb in the basket and set off in the sky over the plains of Amboseli, the basket sizes vary and the biggest basket carries 16 passengers per balloon and often less if flying with a smaller basket. The hot air balloon is flown by fully qualified and experienced pilots and the balloon are most often made by Cameron- a specialist hot air balloon manufacturer in the Great Britain.

As you fly above the savannah grasslands plains of Amboseli national park, you will spot a variety of wildlife below including large herds of elephants, Leopard, Cheetah, Wild dogs, Buffalo, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Crocodile, Mongoose, Hyrax, Dik- dik, Lesser Kudu among others. For photographers, hot air balloon is the perfect experience to do in Amboseli national park during your Kenya safari offering you perfect angles to take pictures of animals from above and up-close photos of the snowcapped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The balloon floats in the direction in which the wind is blowing, the pilot of the balloon and the chase crew is always in touch with each other so that they get to know the direction the balloon has taken. Each balloon ride takes a different direction which makes each ride unique and fun.

Hot air balloon experience lasts for an hour and concludes with a champagne Bush Breakfast which is served at the balloon landing site in the wilderness.

Note: if you are planning to do a hot air balloon safari in Amboseli national park, it is better to book in advance.

For the hot air balloon safari in Amboseli national park, visitors are picked from their lodges and camps.

Overview of Hot air balloon experience in Amboseli national park

For a hot air balloon experience, an early start is necessary with passengers expected to be ready and waiting by 5 to 5.30 am at their respective lodge or camp reception desks. This is dependent on how far you are from the take-off site, you will be collected for a transfer by road to the offsite, and the flight is typically being air borne by 06:00 to 06.15 am. During the flight you will fly over various parts of Amboseli national park below, the hot air balloon can fly as high as 3000 meters from the ground allowing you to see the snow-capped peak of Mountain Kilimanjaro and enjoy spotting wildlife from a different perspective.

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Amboseli National Park
Hot Air Balloon Safari in Amboseli National Park

Upon landing about an hour later, a delicious sit-down breakfast awaits, complete with waiting staff and a full hot breakfast in the bush accompanied by chilled sparkling wine or champagne. Breakfast is followed with drop off back to your hotel with a brief game drive en-route.

Hot air balloon experience in Amboseli national park includes the following

  • Champagne bush breakfast
  • Game drive on route to the lodge or camp
  • Breakfast beverages, champagne, tea, coffee and juice
  • All VAT, state levies, services charges and relaxed takes
  • Professional Kilimanjaro – Amboseli ballooning services
  • 24 Hours 7 days Office and cellular emergency contact details while in Kenya
  • All point to point private transfer services to the balloon sites as in the program of your Kenya safari to Amboseli

When to go for the balloon ride in Amboseli national park

The best time to go for hot air balloon rides in Amboseli national park is during the dry season which is from June to October and January to February, this is because the winds during the dry season are favorable and it is also the best time to watch and observe the animals in Amboseli national park.

Hot air balloon safari experience is also offered during the wet season but if the winds are heavy, it is cancelled and your money if refunded or rescheduled to another day in case you still have more days on your safari.

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