Most Beautiful Green Picnicking Safari in Nairobi

Most Beautiful Green Picnicking Safari in Nairobi : Picnicking safari is the most beautiful activity that is done in some places of Nairobi City, this is where a tourist enjoys the lovely moment while spreading through enjoying the most loved time with yourself or your loved ones, here also is an excursion in which the participants carry their food with them and share a meal in the open air this is also accompanied by the amazing green spaces for picnic that Nairobi has got as they include,

Karura Forest.

Karura Forest is located in the north of central Nairobi, and is bordered by the suburbs of Muthaiga, Gigiri, Runda, Ridgeways, Mathare North, Peponi and New Muthaiga, the western part of the forest is also known as the Sigiria Forest. It is well known as the green space where you can have a booming picnic in Nairobi, as the forest is quite large and it can be accessed through the multiple gates around Nairobi, as among the gates, is the one on the Limuru road and as well as the picnic area that where the guests to prefer during their picnicking safari in Nairobi, also the Sigiria gate is used.

Most Beautiful Green Picnicking Safari in Nairobi
Karura Forest

Entry charges for Karura Forest Charges.

Karura forest charges a fee of Ksh 150 and Ksh 100 per adult and child under 12 to use the picnic area.

Nairobi Arboretum.

Nairobi Arboretum is a place holding living collection of plants for the purposes of scientific research , conservation, display education, it is a 30.4 hectares of wooded landscape, an oasis close to the heart of the Nairobi city situated in the Kilimani area, its bounded by the Kirichwa Kubwa River, this is another picnic areas that the tourists do visit in Nairobi that is, it is located in the heart of the Nairobi city, Nairobi Arboretum has the fair entrance fees compared to other areas, the park tends to be over crowded during the weekends but trust me there can be enough of the picnic space for everyone.

Entry charges for Nairobi Arboretum.

The new charges are 65 Ksh for adults, it is same as the car park fee, and then children pay Ksh 27. This is one of the few places in Kenya that charges the same fee for the citizens, residents and the foreigners.

Paradise Lost Resort and Park.

The Paradise Lost is located in Kiambu town in Kenya, 14 kilometers from Nairobi, about 10 minutes’ drive from city centre, Paradise Lost is a such beautiful scenery which oozes such beauty that the name fittingly benefits the surrounding and the nature, with a 54 acre farm where it is located, but it is certainly one of the among best picnic sites in Nairobi, that is the place has quite popular with various people that usually come to do the picnicking safari in Nairobi compared to the Nairobi Arboretum, if you want to enjoy the Paradise Lost when it is a bit quite you need to go during the off-peak hours, like the mid-morning are perfect and weekdays not during the weekend.

Entry fees for the Paradise Lost.

The fee at the Paradise Lost Resort and Park is affordable as the entrance fee is at ksh 400 per person for adults and Ksh 300 for children. If using private transportation to Paradise Lost Resort near Nairobi, use Muranga Road till you reach the Muthaiga Roundabout and turn left on to Kiambu Road in Nairobi.

Paradise Lost Resort and Park

Ngong Hills Picnic Site.

Ngong Hills is located in the Kijiado County, is very loved by every tourists who likes picnicking safari, this a great outdoor space to hang out and to have the excellent picnic in Nairobi. There are some details that you follow if you want to have the favorite picnic safari in the Ngong Hills such as;

Ngong Hills can get very cold and windy, so remember the warm clothes and a windbreaker are the main items that will help you.

Be aware of the debris and broken glasses around, pick a spot a little further away from the main pathways.

You are also advised to take everything that you will remember to bring back with you, as well carry a trash bag up after your picnic. For any picnic safari that you wish to go these tips are also applied there as well.

The opening hours at Ngong Hills are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can visit earlier if you buy a ticket a day earlier.

Picnic charges at Ngong Hills is, for the citizens and foreign adults the charges are 200 and 600 Ksh respectively. Then for the children the price is 25% of the adult price for each category.

Back yard or Front yard picnic.

The Back yard or Front yard picnic this can be done either in front or your house or in the area behind or back your house. Aback yard picnic is an adventure waiting outside your backdoor, and with a little of preparation and these backyard picnic ideas, picnicking in your backyard can be just as fun as picnicking in a park or at the beach, in fact back yard picnicking can be better because if you forget anything it can be easily accessed.

Most Beautiful Green Picnicking Safari in Nairobi
Back yard or Front yard picnic

7 creative tips for the perfect Backyard picnic.

Choose your Backyard picnic.

Select a special picnic spot.

Get your picnic basket or they may be two.

Create a Mouthwatering, easy-to-eat picnic menu.

Gather the festive blankets.

Make the setting extra special.

Plan fun picnic activities.

Best time to do picnicking.

In the year, probably spring or summer when the weather is nice and warm, and if you mean time of the day, that’s according to your choose but the weather does tend get hotter towards the late afternoon (1 to 2pm), so during the late morning or early afternoon picnic might be better.

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