Satao Elerai Camp

Satao Elerai Camp

Satao Elerai Camp

Satao Elerai Camp is one of the luxury tented camps that are situated inside Amboseli National park. The camp is located on a slightly higher elevation above all the surrounding landscape. Its found in the private conservation area called Elerai Conservation Area. The conservation covers the South-East of Amboseli national park as you head close to the Kilimanjaro mountains. The private conservation area covers 40 square kilometres. The camp got its name from the local word Satao which means the Giraffe by the local Waliangulu people. Satao Elerai Camp was opened in 2007, it has great view of mount Kilimanjaro as its very close to the mountain. The camp offers one of the best points of viewing mount Kilimanjaro. Its also the popular game viewing area both in the conservancy and Amboseli national park. Whenit is night hour’s guests are not allowed to move alone, they must be escorted by the local Maasai warriors. The camp is not fenced and this has created easy passage of the wildlife to the camp especially nocturnal animals. From the entrance you have to cross the short bridge over the fish pond and swampy area where weaver birds welcome you. There are a lot of board games and literature books which guests can enjoy during their free time at the camp.

Satao Elerai Camp like its little sister camp also known as Satao Camp found in Tsavo east national park. They are all unique stylish camps that is described as “boutique” as it has great local Maasai market inside it for all local craft needs. Satao Elerai Camp central areas are uniquely built around that group of gaint boulders. They have the main bar, dinning areas, craft shops, terrace, and others. They also have a well-maintained swimming pool which is freely accessed by all guests during their stay at the camp. It’s a cooling area for the hot African climate.  We only advise guests that the swimming pool is not a learning area for swimming. You should know well how to swim before you try to enter in the pool and its at your own risk.

The great well-furnished tents and luxurious suites look across different directions of the park. You are free to choose from our wide range of accommodations. All our tents overlook the Mount Kilimanjaro while the luxurious suites overlook the interior of Amboseli national park. There are five luxury suites that are operational at the moment though we are adding more in near by future. There are 12 good sized safari tents that are spacious enough. They accommodate single beds, double beds and triple beds. We also have twin beds for guests who may wish to share the rooms but not sharing the bed. All our tents are mounted in strong concrete stone plinths. Built with local materials to conserve nature, they are eco-friendly. The Safari tents have wooden floors, rustic wooden furniture which are comfortable. They are home stylish making guests to feel the true African life as they are in the middle of the wilderness. The Satao Elerai Camp is very simple place but classic. All tents and suites have a writing or dressing table, folding chairs and good veranda or balcony overlooking Mt Kilimanjaro. There are two large family tents which occupies over 4 people. This is best for the family tourists who have children since they have enough space to share with their children in the same luxury safari tent.  

Satao Elerai Camp five luxury suites are all inclusive suites that are self-contained with bath rooms and flashing toilets. They are made up of local materials with strong walls which are made up of bricks and well plastered.  They have wooden frame work with plastered walls, that makes it solid than canvas tents. These are good for tourists who fear the vibration of walking wild animals at night. The rooms are spacious with mini bar, sitting chairs, table, hair dryer and other amenities inside the room. They have single bed rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and family suites. Extra beds are always available on request and they have extra cost attached on it. The laundry services are available 24 hours weekly, free wifi in all rooms and emergency call phone.

The camp also organises pick up of the guests from the airstrip of Amboseli national park. They organise different activities for their guests like traditional entertainment, storytelling at the camp fire. Other activities done at the camp include:

  • Game viewing or game drives
  • Birding
  • Cultural tours
  • Nature walks and others.
Satao Elerai Camp
Satao Elerai Camp

Satao Elerai Camp is with no doubt the best camp in Amboseli national park. The key viewing point of Mt Kilimanjaro. You will enjoy the amazing infinity views of Mt Kilimanjaro in your balcon and also in the pool seats. They have pioneered the Satao Elerai project that has for long led to the proper conservation of wildlife at the conservancy. Together with African Wildlife Foundation has improved the leaving conditions of the local people. They have sensitised the local communities on how to leave together with wildlife in harmony. The main objective is to promote sustainable community tourism in Amboseli national park through involving the local community directly. Sited on its own private conservancy that covers 500 acres of land, Satao Elerai Camp has a private life.  It fits all guests especially those who wish to have secrete great wildlife experience. 

Dinner and other meals are served in special ala carte as the chefs organize meals to be ready early. The vegetables and fruits are very fresh as they are directly picked from the camp farm gardens. We listen to all special meals or dietary concerns of our guests.

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