Things to remember when visiting Amboseli national park

Things to remember when visiting Amboseli national park :  Amboseli national park formerly known as the Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve is a great Kenya wildlife destination and a national park located in Kajiado South Constituency in the Kajiado County of Kenya.

The park’s name “Amboseli” is derived from the Maasai word that means “salty dust”. Amboseli national park is the second most popular national park in Kenya after Maasai Mara national reserve and is popular known for hosting the largest herds of elephant with impressive tusks and is crowned by Africa’s highest peak – Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli national park is a loved wildlife destination by many travelers as a tourist hoping to visit the park for a Kenya safari, this article details what you need to know and remember.

What you need to pack and bring along on a Kenya safari to Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is a great Kenya Wildlife safari destination which you will on your Kenya safari, here are the things you should remember as a tourist.


Clothing is a major part of your safari to Amboseli national park, as a tourist you should pack clothes that are adaptable to cold or hot temperatures. Amboseli national park is situated in areas of low altitude where one may experience temperatures ranging from warm to very hot during the day but also cool to very cold in the evenings.

Things to remember when visiting Amboseli national park
Packing list for Amboseli N.P

Note: When packing, you are advised to take outfits and clothing items that can be layered so that you stay well prepared for cold in the morning and can take off the layers during the day when it gets warm and hot in the afternoon.

Basic clothing suitable for Amboseli wildlife safari include

Loose fitting trousers and Shirts or T-shirts

A hat

Sunglasses against the sun

Lace up shoes

Note: clothing should be in natural, earthly colored or Khaki shades.

If you fail to come with this kind of clothing, you can buy them from several shops selling locally made safari outfits. These outfits can also serve as a memento. It is wise to bring a long a bird guide, mammals guide and a map of Kenya and Amboseli national park. While on a safari, remember to buy a gift or locally made fabrics from the gift shops in the park and around the park.

Other essential things to include in your safari bag include

A torch

Insect repellent


A camera with an extra money card

Small, basic medical kit including basic remedies such as antacids, painkillers, anti-histamines and cold remedies.


Visitors to Kenya require vaccination against cholera and yellow fever, other vaccinations that are also recommended for tourists include





While some of the vaccinations need a course of injections, it is important to think about it before your safari to allow sufficient time for the injections. Prophylactics may be taken as a precaution against Malaria and have to be taken before, during and after a visit to Kenya and Amboseli as well. Further prevention against bites such as an insect repellent and mosquito nets are also advised.


Meals are normally included in the Amboseli Safari Package offered by Focus East Africa Tours, as a tourists after booking your Amboseli Safari, inform your tour operator of any dietary restrictions. If you require extra snacks or water, obtain that before you set off on your safari to Amboseli national park, Kenya.


In Kenya, there are two main options of safari travel within most of the Kenya parks that is safari vans and land cruisers, safari vans are the most budget- friendly transport option however the rides will be bumpier and offer limited views of the park since they are usually covered over.

Land cruisers are more traditional vehicles for safaris in Amboseli national park and Kenya as well, land cruisers are the best vehicles for safaris as they allow the best visibility and are more comfort, Land cruisers are more expensive than safari vans.


While on a safari in Amboseli national park and Kenya as well, it is not compulsory to tip guides and hotel workers during safari trips however it is always much appreciated. These tips can make a big different in the lives of the guides and hotel waiters and waitresses as they are from the local community.

Things to remember when visiting Amboseli national park
Things to remember when visiting Amboseli national park

Cash or Card Payments

While making payments in Kenya and Amboseli national park, there are fees and commissions associated with international withdrawals or card payments, while withdrawing money at ATMS which are available in major cities in Kenya and very few and very far in between in remote areas. Though Card Payments are accepted in Amboseli national park, many small venues and accommodation facilities do not accept cash. They only accept cash.


Currency in Kenya is the Kenya Shillings (KSH), as a tourist you should not confused it with the Tanzanian or Uganda Shillings. US dollars are accepted in Kenya at safari lodges, restaurants, national parks and shopping malls. As a tourist, you are advised to exchange you money into Kenya shillings at Exchange Bureaus that are easy to find and generally offer the best rates.

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