5 Days Amboseli and Tsavo East Safari from Diani Beach

Tsavo East National park Safaris

Tsavo East National Park Safaris

Tsavo East National park Safaris: Absolutely Tsavo East National park is one of the world’s  biodiversity strongholds and  famously known due to it’s huge amounts of diverse wildlife species that can be adventured on your visit .They include the famous big five composing of leopards ,lions ,cape buffaloes ,elephants ,black rhino and other mammal species .The park is also a home to unique variety of bird life such as crowned crane ,black kite ,lovebird ,sacred ibis many more .However ,Tsavo East national park sits on a flat land with dry plains across River Alana that flows in the park plus other stunning features such as Yatta plateau and Lugard falls .It also consists of semi-arid grasslands and open savannah grassland still is more mountainous and wetter with swamps lake Jipe and the Mzima springs which are habitant for wide range of mammals .The park is known for bird life species and a home to a black rhino sanctuary.

In general, Tsavo East national park lies in a semi-arid area previously knowns as the Taru Desert and it was established as a national park in April 1948 that sits near the town of Voi in the Taita –Taveta County of the former coast province. In spite the fact that, it is divided into east and west sides by the A109 road and a railway, bordered with Chyulu Hills National park and Mkomazi Game Reserve which is found in the country of Tanzania. However, Tsavo East national park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya covering an area of about 13,747 square kilometers under a governing body known as ‘’KWS’’ Kenya Wildlife Service. (Tsavo East National park Safaris).

Historically, the park sits where archaeological sites were recorded from the ground surface and there is much evidence concerning about the late stone Age economy that existed about a thousand years ago. The survey which was made about the late stone Age archaeological sites were found near to the Galana River in high numbers. And the purpose of these sites were to inhabit wild animals ,fished and to keep domestic animals and this was because of the availability of water flow from the Galana River ,human settlement in Tsavo which were made around riparian areas and in rock shelter .Before becoming a gazette national park in 1948 it was a home settlement for Orma pastoralists and Watha hunter gatherers .By 1948 Orma with their livestock had to leave the land and the number of the Watha people were forcefully relocated to other parts of Voi and Mtito Andei as well as settlement within the nearby Taita Hills .After relocating these people in there referred  settlement  ,it was then followed by Kenya independence in 1963 and hunting that took place in the park was totally abolished thus giving over authority to  Kenya Wildlife Service to protect Tsavo against poachers .And recently Tsavo East national park has been introduced as a great top attractive safari destination that attracts photographers ‘’travelers’’ from all over the world who are attracted in experiencing the diversity of the wilderness and  rewardable terrain.

Tsavo East –Major attractions include;

Mudanda Rock

The Mudanda Rock measures 1.6 kilometers acts as a water catchment that flows to a natural dam below. The rock offers awesome view point from its top with hundreds of elephants and other wildlife that link to the dam to quench their thirsty during dry seasons.

Yatta Plateau

The Yatta Plateau is famously known as the world’s longest lava that flow along the western boundary of the park in Athi River and the area is extremely amazing.

Lugard Falls

This falls were named after the visit of European explorer Frederick Lugard. Which flows its white water in the Galana River and it offers slashing water experience.

Aruba Dam

This dam was built in 1952 across the Voi River which is a rewarding place for birder and animal viewers.

Mammal species.

Tsavo East national park is one of the world’s thrilling largest game reserve to protect a vast number of mammals. More famously with Tsavo lions of a total of about 675 lions found in Ambrosia-Tsavo ecosystem .List of different attractive mammals species found in the park include; Senegal bush baby ,bat ,Cape buffalo ,yellow baboon ,aardwolf ,Caracal ,Southeast African cheetah ,Kirk’s dik dik ,bush duiker ,Harvey’s red duiker ,Common eland ,northern greater galago ,Grant’s gazelle, spotted hyenas ,East African hedgehog ,Coke’s hartebeest ,yellow-spotted rock hyrax, Southern tree hyrax ,Sykes’s monkeys ,ground pangolin ,naked mole rat ,bohor reedbuck ,black rhinoceros ,plain zebras ,blue duiker ,African wildcat ,bat-eared fox ,gerenuk ,Hunter’s hartebeest ,Clawless otter ,ground squirrel ,ellipsen waterbuck ,Gravy’s zebra ,naked mole rat ,white tailed mongoose ,serval ,elephant shrew ,slender mongoose ,common warthog among others.

Bird life species.

The park is paradise for birders where you can be able to sight see variety of bird species recorded in the area with over 500 species. Such birds to be spotted are Ostriches, buzzards, weaver birds, Kestrels, starlings, kingfishers, hornbills herons and secretary birds.

Activities done in Tsavo East include; Game drive viewing which is carried out in open savannah grass land on 4x4wheel drive safari vehicle and get rewarded with amazing wildlife adventure on Kenya safaris where you will discover diversity of mammal species.


The park sounds with over 500 bird species which can be spotted on your visit to Tsavo.

Other activities include; Trekking, Camping, Nature walk among many.

How to get there.

By road: It covers a distance of 233 kilometers from Nairobi city using Mombasa Road in order to access one of the park’s gates such as Mtito Ander gates. Alternatively, you can fly from Wilson Airport to one of Tsavo Airstrips such as Bachuma air strip, Cottars air strip, Voi air strip, Aruba air strip, Satao, Mopeo, Aruba.  

Tsavo East National park Safaris
Tsavo East National park Safaris

Where to stay in Tsavo

The park has got comfortable accommodations ranging between Luxury to budget lodges. They include; Voi wildlife lodge, Tsavo safari camp, Kipalo Hills, Tsavo safari camp, Ashnil Amba lodge, Utithi lodge many more.

Experience the beauty of nature and wildlife species in the wilderness of Tsavo East national park and have exciting adventure that provides the finest location to go wandering.

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