What to Expect in Amboseli National Park Kenya 

What to Expect in Amboseli National Park Kenya 

What to Expect in Amboseli National Park Kenya

What to Expect in Amboseli National Park Kenya: Amboseli National Park ranks the finest tourist destination for the first time safari travelers in Kenya East Africa, comprising a size that allows tourists to see virtually every aspect in few days could be two or three and it is easily out reached, which means that you don’t have to follow a long-haul flight with a very long flight in order to access the main destination. The short- haul flight between Wilson Airport and Amboseli airstrip is less than an hour in a light aircraft.

Amboseli is a real adventurous place to ease on your Kenya Safari, being close to Nairobi capital city doesn’t mean that lots of Kenyans drive their daily, mostly weekends and school holidays. Traffic congestion is more experienced during Easter and Christmas season so when you are preparing your Africa safari, you need a tour operator who is expert in tourism to help you plan your trip in a successful way.

Amboseli derives from a word Empusel, meaning salty, dry place but underground streams flowing from the melting ice-cap on Kilimanjaro that keep certain areas of the park well supplied with water which attracts herds of elephants and variety of birds.

Which Animals Will I See in Amboseli?

Amboseli national park is one of the best safari destination to host the largest population of Elephants in the world. Even some of elephant species are called by name by the guides because they’ve been studied by the researchers at the Amboseli Elephant Research Centre.

Travelers who want to find out the social life of intelligent primates, visit the park and reach at baboon research Centre for more information about these great apes.

We can’t say that all the Big-fives are found in Amboseli; leopards and rhinos are not existent here. But can be easily found elsewhere in Kenya visited safari destination such as ‘’Lewa which is thrilled for rhinos and the Masai Mara for leopard’’. The weirdly proportioned gerenuk is not easily seen here but can be spotted in the aridness of Samburu in the north.

On your safari to Amboseli national park, you can still have chances of seeing masses of notable bird life, bat eared foxes ‘’a very rare to see’’, giraffe, buffalo, lion, cheetahs and non-migrating wildebeest. Amboseli is an ideal game spotting eye safari destination. On your visit look out for Thomson’s gazelle and how they differ from impala; Maasai giraffe-Burchell’s or plain zebras and plenty of spotted hyena ‘’known as spotties’’.

Is Mount Kilimanjaro easily seen here?

Yes, although its actually in neighboring Tanzania border, the perfect views of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak are in Kenya’s Amboseli National park since its located in the foothills of the Kilimanjaro.

Due to its closeness to the Tanzanian border, Amboseli does have the best vistas of Kili. But the main issue is that Kili rises 5895 meters/19341 feet high, meaning its summit almost swathed in cloud. Your best way of viewing the peak is at dawn-when conditions are so clear more especially during your early morning game drives.

Put this in mind that professional photographers spend more time in the field capturing the perfect picture so don’t put pressure on yourself and feel disappointed if you can’t replicate in a day or two what they spend weeks or months finding.

Where to Stay 

Travelers shouldn’t get worried where to stay on their visit to the top visited safari destination in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, safari lodges here ranges from Luxury to budget accommodation facilities each with fantastic in room amenities such hotels or lodges include; 

Satao Elerai Camp; On your stay to this camp, you can engage in adorable activities such as Game drive, local villages visit, Night drive, Sundowner and Guided walking safari.

Tortilis Camp; Along your stay here, a traveler can enjoy such activities like Bush dining, Cultural tours, Game drives, Guided walks, Bird watching and Sundowners.

Porini Amboseli Camp; While on your stay to this camp in Amboseli national park, you can have a chance to enjoy in thrilled activities such as Bird watching, game drive, picnic, specialist guides, full day safaris, guided walks, night drives, visiting the local villages among others.

When to Visit

Amboseli is ever green and lush during the low season, with clear views of the Africa’s highest Mountain ‘’Mount Kilimanjaro’’. 

What to Expect in Amboseli National Park Kenya 
What to Expect in Amboseli National Park Kenya

June to October: High/peak Season

This is the best time for game viewing, in this months of the year grass is shorter and animals are easier to be spotted and they don’t stray far from water sources.

Too sunny with very little rain

Rates can be higher and the park can get busy

November to May: Low/green Season

The short rains peak in November and the long rains usually falls in April and May.

Scenically, Amboseli offers a super time for photography

Best time for bird watching

Great location to view of Kilimanjaro-skies when are clear of dust.

Lower rate and the park with few tourists due to wet road condition around ‘’April and May’’.

Should I Go?

Absolutely yes, transfers are easy, the landscape is rewarding and there is much to see. Amboseli is an ideal safari destination to visit before you head to the Masai Mara, mostly to new visitors to Africa. Meet with one of our Africa Safari Expert to help you plan an itinerary that is right for you to Go to Africa.

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