Why Visit Amboseli National Park

Why Visit Amboseli National Park Kenya

Why Visit Amboseli National Park Kenya

Why Visit Amboseli National Park: The reason as to why you should visit Amboseli national park is as follow, according to its phenomenon scenic landscape and surrounding natural creatures. Amboseli national park is referred as home of world’s wide range of elephants and one of Kenya’s most popular visited safari destination, located in southern Kenya few kilometers away from Nairobi capital city. The park offers with real safari adventure marking it a true unique wildlife destination in the heart of Africa. 

However, Amboseli’s major highlights are the magnificent herds of elephants, incredible view of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro as well as its peaks which soar immensely beyond the acacia filled savannah and vast herds of elephants roaming the plains of Amboseli, the park deserves its reputation as one of nature’s most peaceful settings.

The park become a national park in 1974 and was listed on UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1991.

Reasons Why You Must Visit Amboseli National Park

Note, East Africa countries are home to an astonishing number of landscapes whether its open savannah, mountains, rainforest, hills and valleys, thus making it excellent destination for the adventurous at heart.

Amboseli national park sits at the foothills of Africa’s highest mountain and proud for its large herds of elephants. Above all, one of the most popular national parks in East Africa and below are reasons why you should visit it or be on your itinerary package list.

Its Massive Herds of Elephants

Amboseli boosts to over 1000 elephants which includes 58 families and making up 300 independent adult males. To note, it’s one of Africa’s best iconic sights of herds of elephants as they are seen moving majestically and calmly in the foreground of Amboseli, with the gorgeous peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro rising behind them.

Its acts as the Perfect Choice for a First Time Safari Goer

If this is your first time to visit East Africa safari, Amboseli would be your first great choice due to its compact size. Because of its quite small, you can see every aspect of it in two or three days what a worth visit you can have. The park is easy to be out reach from Nairobi which means you won’t have to take a long drive or even a flight to get there.

In addition to that, because of being small, it’s easy for rangers to patrol and well kept.

You’ll Experience Incredible Game Drives

Although Amboseli most sounds as a home of herds of elephants but on your game drive safari here, you can get to spot a big game during game drive such as lions, cheetahs, hyena, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, wild dogs, crocodile, mongoose and primates like yellow and Olive baboons, black-face vervet monkeys many more. These animal species are easily seen in the savannah grassland plains and along the watering holes.

To the backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro also provides great views of animals roaming the endless plains of the Amboseli which is truly humbling African image you won’t soon forget.

Enjoy Impressive View of Mt Kilimanjaro

Because of its great close location to Tanzanian border, Amboseli provides spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the view are clear in the early morning game drive, as that is the only time when the magnificent summit isn’t swathed in cloud.

There are Tree Climbing Lions

Amboseli national park estimates with more than 100 lions and the surrounding areas. In East Africa there are few safari destinations where you can meet these unique species of tree climbing lions and here in Kenya safaris can be found Amboseli national park. These tree climbing lions can be spotted in Amboseli plains while hanging up on tree branches thus giving a perfect photoshoot to the tourists. What a safari destination Amboseli is, where you can meet these species on your way to the park giving you a real adventure.

What to know about Amboseli?

Amboseli is Kenya’s second top tourist attraction after the Masai Mara National Reserve and among the country most famous game park.

A birding Hoven

Amboseli national park is a true birding hoven for birders with over 400 species of birds some to be spotted include African Sacred and Ibises ,amaurornis flavirostra chick ,Amboseli Ostrich ,ardea melanocephala ,balearica regulorum ,bradornis microrhynchus ,buphagus  africanus1,eastern chanting goshawk ,female struthio camelus massaicus ,glareola pratincola ,great white pelican ,grey crowned cranes ,Kajiado ,haliaetus vocifer ,Kori bustard ,male struthio camelus  massaicus ,melierax poliopterus ,superb starling ,Vanellus armatus ,Vanellus coronatus ,Vanellus crassirostris ,Vidua macroura ,yellow-billed stork among others .The best spotting area here is at the dried bed of Lake Amboseli ,watering holes and the savannah grasslands of the park.  

Is it easy to Combine your trip with Tsavo and parks in Tanzania?

Absolutely yes, since Amboseli lies close to Tanzania border ,it is very easy to combine Amboseli safari with other Tanzanian parks like Mount Kilimanjaro National park and Arusha National Park which lies just across the border closest to the park but the main highlights of Northern Tanzania are the Serengeti ,Tarangire and the Ngorongoro crater which are easily accessible from this Kenyan region .My choice was you can still combine Amboseli with a visit to Tsavo West National Park Kenya a few kilometers away from Amboseli national park.

It is a water catchment

Amboseli has an endless underground water supply filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from the snowcapped Kilimanjaro, which supply into two clear water springs in the heart of the park.   

Its small size

The park has a small size of about 392 square kilometers and due to its size big game species can be easily seen.

Its Climate and weather

Amboseli varies with the temperature that ranges from 20-30 degree Celsius and rainfall from 200melimeters to 700melimeters with 2 rainy seasons.

Easy Access

Amboseli national park is easily accessed by both road and air transport, the park is located just 216 kilometers from Kenya’s Nairobi capital as a starting point. By road it is very possible to use both public and private means of transport. Then by air transport there is domestic flight offered from Wilson Airport to Amboseli Airport that takes an hour.

Visiting Amboseli national park gives you a great time to enjoy and view the park’s scenic beauty and attraction as a best away to meet all your safari desires. If you want to reach your dream to Kenya Amboseli Safari get started on planning your Amboseli safari now. Don’t hesitate to contact us Focus East Africa Tours as a trust worthy company for more information about Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. Book Now your Safari with us.

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