9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve

9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve

9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve

9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve: The top major attractions in Maasai Mara are the key points which has made Mara to be among the top safari destination in the Africa such attractions include, the Masai triangle, swamps and the conservancy in the area. Above all Maasai Mara National reserve covers 1,510 square kilometers of its land and it was established in 1961 as a game reserve, located in south western Kenya at the rim of rift valley province and estimates a distance of 180 kilometers away from Nairobi main capital city of Kenya.

In general, the main highlight of visiting Masai Mara National reserve are the great impressive migration of millions of wildebeest and this has made the reserve to be known worldwide and it has become one of the seven nature wonder of Africa and ten nature wonders of the world. This great migration of wildebeest is truly an outstanding natural event worldwide where millions of travelers come to adventure this unforgettable experience in life time. Below are the major top attractions found in Maasai Mara including;    

Oi kinyei Conservancy 

Oi Kenyai Conservancy is best known of  its cool weather environment where one relax  from because of its stunning breathtaking scenery with diverse terrain  that offers open savannah grass land and rolling hills and many others .The conservancy  measures over 18,700 acres of land for wilderness and it is owned by the Masai community who are  the ancestral inhabitant of Kenya .However time came when the  Maasai community had to lease this acres of land to the game watchers safaris and porini camps to set aside for the well-being of wildlife conservation. To note, on your visit to oi kinyei conservancy a traveler cannot fail to get  where to stay because it stands with two small homes  that is to say permanent camps ,the porini bush camp which is a seasonal camp and best operates during high season from the month of June to October and is suitable with 8 tents to accommodate travelers ,Porini Cheetah which accommodate a maximum of only 24guests at any given periodic time making it not only an exclusive encounter but to the traveler who respect the principles of eco-tourism .Meanwell ,Oi kenyai conservancy offers an incredible sighting of game viewing and to the travelers who have been here before they can testify.

9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Mara North Conservancy

This is extremely a nice area for travelers who are nature lovers who get enough time to share with wild animals but sleeping in white duvet sheet. The camp has well trained staff who are good in welcoming guests and tentative to your need. However, the camp has good accommodation facilities such as hot showers, flushing toilets and flashlight escorting system who are well trained, it also offers evening camp fire where you can share drinks, delicious meals which is quite amazing experience in life time. This conservancy has enough space for you to relax and enjoy the camp as well as photographing the animals because they co-exist around, what you need to do on your packing list never forget to carry a clear camera which will help you to take photos for your Kenya holiday remembrance.   

Musiara Swamp

The musiara Swamp is located near the Mara River in the Northern edge of the Masai Mara National Park. This is the best place for excellent game watching location for variety of wild animals such as lioness on trees which is quite rewarding, herds of elephants, leopards, buffaloes, hyenas, cheetahs as well as bird sightings like ostriches. This is quite thrilled experience in here to travelers who tender to visit Masai Mara.

Eluai plain

This is also one of the top attraction in Maasai Mara which is known as massive area for wilderness and scattered trees. The plain is so amazing as you can see for miles and have spectacular sights of some good game animals such as cheetahs, herds of elephants, zebras many more. We advise travelers never leave Kenya without visiting this place and discover the national game geography of Africa which starts from Kenya.

Olypunyata swamp

This is the best place to visit and encounter something new in life time where you will experience a large life of wild animals around the swamp linking for water such as herds of elephants, zebras, sight see varieties of crown cork and some aquatic birds around as you might see the beautiful nature around the swamp and end up with awesome unforgettable experience once in life time.

Nashulai Maasai Conservancy

This is the first conservancy which was created on the borders of Maasai Mara National Reserve managed by Masai community. However, it was created purposely for the nature and wildlife conservation only but due to not enough land for the community around, the local people also live within the area and share the area with both wildlife and livestock. And this has made a mixed model conservancy of its own kind in Mara.

Olarek Orok Conservancy

This is one of the best place when it comes to tour Maasai Mara reserve because it has beautiful land scape and the area provides with fresh breathing air and also is a rewarding place to sight see the big five mammals such as lions ,elephants ,buffaloes ,black and white rhinos ,leopards come along giraffes ,zebras ,hippos ,cheetahs  and millions of wildebeests thus leading travelers to have an exclusive wildlife experience .Along here you can stay in Olare Mara Kempinsiki camp ,Porini Mara Camp and end up with truly undoubtedly  experience.  

Mara River

Mara River is also a thrilled place to visit in Maasai Mara that gives travelers a great opportunity to sight see water animals like hippos, crocodiles, water birds many more and this can be encountered through driving to Maasai Mara and feel much more about the documentary of the National geography in the area.

Masai Triangle

The Masia triangle looks in unique way though it is quite a sensitive environment that can survive through following the rules and regulations of the area. This is the rewardable place to visit as you can be welcomed with very many beautiful natures around, located in the center of the reserve. The triangle is well watered by the Mara River and it has a rewarding sightseeing of abundant vegetation, wildlife and rainfall and its ecology looks fantastic. Due to the natural bio-geographical of this area, the huge number of visitors can create erosive effects and this is because of the delicate balance between the traveler’s number and high population of wildlife which cannot be properly cared for much longer as evidenced by the decrease in the protective vegetation cover and this must occur due to the series of dust that bowls. However, the reserve boosts with over 95mammals, amphibians and other reptiles plus 500 bird species which can be viewed in here such as vultures, secretary birds, ostriches, long-crested eagle, Africa pygmy falcons, sooty chat, Tawny eagle, Kori bustard and many more.

9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve
9 Top Attractions in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve is known has the top tourist destination among the Kenya national parks with outstanding and incredible activities that attracts many travelers to visit this reserve and due to the millions of blue wildebeest that migrate in between two national parks Maasai Mara and Serengeti national park in Tanzania yearly, this nature event  has built Kenya tourism hub plus it’s economy at large.

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