Map of Amboseli National Park

Map of Amboseli National Park

Map of Amboseli National Park

Map of Amboseli National Park: Amboseli national park is one of the most visited tourist destinations after Maasai Mara national reserve on Kenya safaris, the park is situated in Kenya in Kajiado district of about 95kilomteres away from Nairobi city. Therefore, this detailed interactive map of the Kenya’s best popular Amboseli national park shows the main roads connecting to the park as well as to the neighbouring national parks, safari camps, cottages, the main park gates to the park, the major hills around, water bodies and streams among others. The Map also shows different gates that connect to the park, the Meshanani gate, Iremito gate, Kiritua gate, Kimana gate which is the main entrance gate to the park, and sometimes acts as the only functioning gate. According to Kenya safari guide describes on how you can access one of these gates, travel along the Nairobi-Arusha road via Namanga and enter the park through the Meshanani gate. Another option route is to travel the Mombasa route which means you will enter the Amboseli national park through the Tsavo national park by the Kimana gate. Amboseli national park sits near the ‘’KWS’’ Kenya wildlife service Headquarters, KWS lodges and camping site.

The Map of Amboseli national park also guides about the airstrip that is found at the park. Such Airstrip include; Amboseli Airstrip.

However, the park lies close to impressive snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro which dominates every aspect of Amboseli and marking a perfect backdrop to a safari. It was established in 1974 relatively small in size covering only 392 square kilometres. Despite its size and its scenic ecosystem, it supports more than 60 mammal species and hoven for birdlife. Years ago there was the locale who stayed around the area, of whom were famous writers known as Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark who spun their stories of big game hunting in the wilds of Africa. This region is also a home of the Maasai people. The nomads have created a legendary reputation for their prowess in battle and single handed acts in fight for wild animals. Meanwhile, there are more than any other community in Kenya ,the Maasai people have learned  to live in peace with their environment and the wildlife which gathers around them .The park is surrounded and occupied with manyatta-Maasai villages –which were built out of bent poles ,sticks plastered with cow dung and equally swiftly abandoned when the grazing is done and herds must move on. Half of the Amboseli national park is comprised of a dried-up lake bed which shimmer heat that produces mirages .The underground rivers from Kilimanjaro ?This might be melting snow that feed permanent swamps and springs. Which acts as water source for the wildlife through times of drought. In general, this area is perfectly good for game viewing during the dry season.

Amboseli national park is famously known as the best safari destination for watching large population of elephants in Africa. The park is surrounded by range of private concessions. These areas usually run in conjunction with the local Maasai communities and help to preserve the park’s substantial wildlife conservation area.

Amboseli national park is popular for its big game, the largest herds of elephants, other herbivores, the wildebeest and zebra which migrate here seasonally to and from the park. Wildlife species in Amboseli inhabits in acacia woodlands, swamps and marshes. 

Game watching in Amboseli includes lions, large herds of elephants, leopard, cheetah, rhino, buffalos and boosts with plains game, thus creating Kenya’s most sought after photographer’s hoven. Amboseli’s popularity also causes serious concern. This is due to combination of wildlife, tourist vehicles and Maasai cattle which are destroying the delicate but precious grassland. The park rules insist that vehicles should stick to roads and tracks. The best impressive game track in the park are around the swamps and the great lookout to these game is along the observation Hill which offers rewardable views over the entire park and beyond.

Amboseli national park also offers awesome opportunity to view breath taking and majestic beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s tallest mountain.

Amboseli featured Safari Lodge

Our Map of Amboseli national park also guides/helps tourist to allocate which accommodation will ease to comfortable game viewing plus other attractions found in the park.

Amboseli Lodge Map; The lodge sits amongst lush tropical gardens and tranquil ponds with impressive views Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain Africa.

 Map of Amboseli National Park

Map of Amboseli National Park

Amboseli Porini Camp Map; This camp was set in the Selenkay Conservancy, to the north of Amboseli National Park.

Serena Lodge Map; Serena Lodge is located in the midst of giant Acacia trees and a gently flowing natural spring in the park

Torttilis Camp map; This is a tented safari camp located in a lust acacia grove at the foothills of the scenic snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.   

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